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Last Update: 23/7/2012


  • Podium positions will count as the official results, regardless of any subsequent disqualification or amendment to the result.
  • Should an event be abandoned, cancelled, suspended or postponed and fail to resume after 12 hours from the official start time, the result as it stands will be deemed void and all bets will be cancelled. The company's decision to cancel all bets in such an event is final and is regardless of any official decision by the event referee or relevant governing authority.
  • If the event starts before the scheduled time, only bets placed before the event commenced will be considered valid. Bets placed after the event commenced will be considered void. This excludes In-Play bet types.
  • Bets will be settled according to the official F.I.S.A (Rowing) and I.C.F (Canoeing) result immediately at the end of the event, even in the absence of a medal ceremony.

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